Good reasons for slate

A material with character.

Slate enjoys an excellent reputation not only as a material for roofing. It is also suitable for the high-quality cladding of facades. Slate facades are durable and give a building an unmistakable, individual touch.


Slate is a physiologically optimal material, which is extracted and processed unadulterated and without additives. This naturally healthy material has no disposal problems.


Slate is a timeless product with a lifetime of 100 years and more. Self-developed test methods with strict standards guarantee a constant slate quality.


Slate lends a special character to both classic and modern buildings on roofs and facades due to its natural aesthetics. The different types of covering harmonize with all architectural styles.


Slate has become an extremely economical and affordable natural product for everyone thanks to advanced processing methods and rational laying techniques. A roof or façade made of slate increases the value of a property in the long term.


Slate meets all requirements of current building physics. It harmonizes with all current building materials, from glass to concrete to steel, and enlivens modern architecture with powerful contrasts. Slate is timeless - never just fashionable, but always modern.


Slate as a purely natural material of such noble quality is beyond any doubt and gives every building a very special aesthetic of lasting value: timeless, powerful and lively.

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