Extraction & Production

Production process international

Throughout the world, we select the best slate deposits for the mining and production of our slate, which we market under our brand names MONUMENTUM®, InterSIN®, ColorSIN® and ROCANEX®.

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Our subsidiaries CAFERSA and CASTRELOS in Spain use state-of-the-art mining technology. Here the InterSIN slate is not only mined underground but also in opencast mines. MONUMENTUM® , the new premium brand for the old German covering, which is characterized by targeted selection during mining combined with the highest precision in processing, is also extracted here.

Sawing & Splitting

Having arrived in the production hall, sawing is the first further production step.


The modern sawing plants are mechanically controlled. They saw handy small blocks from the large blocks. Depending on which capstone format is produced, the block is given a different size and shape in order to keep the degree of output as high as possible.



After sawing, the blocks are transported to the individual work stations of the splitters.


The splitting of the blocks is done by hand with hammer and froe.


InterSIN® is shaped mechanically for various types of roofing. For example for the various rectangular types of roofing, the fish scale type and various types of roofing developed by Rathscheck. On account of the mechanical shaping every cap stone has the same shape and one talks about "template roofing".

Quality & Logistics


Although the quality of the stones is constantly checked at every stage of the production process, a final check of the quality of each capstone is made at the end of production.



CAFERSA's central warehouse in Spain is the "hub" for the delivery of slate to countries such as Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium and other important slate markets.


Office building of the CAFERSA. At the same time our affiliate RAPIDASA is located here. Its employees constantly check the quality of the CAFERSA production. But additional strategic partners are permanently checked and our requirement criteria are communicated.

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