Slate on external thermal insulation composite system

External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) are multi-layered constructions to insulate outer walls. They consist of an insulation material, which is attached to the wall and provided with diverse lining materials. External thermal insulation composite systems are particularly suited to buildings with a plastered or concreted façade.

External thermal insulation composite systems may also be described as thermal insulation and in many cases are offered as a reasonably priced combination of heat insulation and weather protection for solid outer walls.

As a final facing, slate tiles are ideally suited as an optical design element and “protective layer“ for the wall.

The natural material offers an interesting design for loosening up the façade surface, also in combination with plaster, where only certain parts of the building are covered with tiles, such as individual walls, columns, plinths and projections.


Slate on external thermal insulation composite system


InterSIN® SIN 980


ColorSIN® CS 50



Available sizes

The 10 mm thick slate tiles are provided in sizes of up to 60 x 30 cm.


  • Direct adhesion of tiles to the external thermal insulation composite system using the buttering/floating procedure
  • The narrow joint pattern gives the surface a particularly solid appearance
  • Greater design freedom
  • Simple and fast assembly
  • Highly effective heat insulation with EPS insulation plates
  • Adhesion of EPS insulation plates and jointing with quick-mix facing mortar
  • With a reinforcement layer and reinforcement with quick-mix plaster silicate

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